The Centre for Systems Biology, Biodiversity and Bioresources (3B) aims: 

  1. To capitalize, mainly, but not exclusively, the existing human and material resources in the research spaces of the Faculty of Biology and Geology, harmonizing them under a common umbrella of scientific research interests in order to attract financial resources, human resources highly qualified and raising the national and international visibility of researchers and teachers in the Faculty of Biology and Geology and the Botanical Garden. 
  1. To actively participate in the economic development of the local community and in the initiation and consolidation of international cooperation by starting projects of regional interest that fall within the priority areas (Bioeconomy, Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Health) of the National Research Strategy -Development-Innovation (2016-2020), in the fields and sub-domains of “smart specialization” and health of ANCSI and in the priority field “Life Sciences” of the European Research Council (ERC). 
  1. To ensure the consolidation of the bridge between the academic educational system and postgraduate education which includes the training and specialization of young researchers (master students, doctoral students) under the supervision of experienced young researchers (postdoctoral) and experienced researchers (“senior researchers”); to increase the quality and applied character of academic education in the field of Biology and Biochemistry within the Faculty of Biology and Geology.