Structural and functional exploratory research

Structural and Functional Exploratory Research

Head of laboratory: Lecturer Camelia Lang, PhD

  • Asys Expert Plus Microplate Reader (Asys Hitech GmbH, Austria);
  • Optic trinocular microscope TRINO-MAGNUM-T (Medline Scientific™ Ltd., UK);
  • Inversed microscope TOPVIEW TRINO, Motic AE31 (MoticTM, Germany);
  • Digital camera for TOPVIEW 2.0 MP microscope, soft included (Moticam, Germany);
  • Nikon E100 LED binocular microscopes (Nikon, Japan);
  • Digital camera for microscopes, Celestron 2MP digital microscope imager (Celestron, USA);
  • Spectrophotometer UV-VIS Scanning, T90 model (PG Instruments, UK);
  • Poly-Spectrum-8, 12 ECG channels (Neurosoft, Russia);
  • Sigma centrifuge with refrigeration 2-16K (Sigma, Germany);
  • Benchtop hoods with laminar airflow Titan PCR (Telstar®, Japan);
  • Adjustable thermostat oven (Memmert GmbH, Germany);
  • Dry sterilizer, type UNB 500 (Memmert GmbH, Germany);
  • Ultrapure water system (GFL, Germany);
  • Water bath (Precisterm, UK);
  • CO2 Incubator (Barnstead International, USA);
  • Installation for isolated organ perfusion;
  • Ultramicrotome Minot (Minot, Germany).