Plant and microbe biotechnologies and environmental interactions

Plant and Microbe  Biotechnologies and Environmental Interactions

Head of laboratory: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anca-Livia Butiuc

  • Microscope (Olympus, Japonia) CH20 (10x, 20x, 40x, 100x);
  • Microscope trinocular (Olympus, Japonia)  CX31 (10x, 20x, 40x, 100x);
  • Microscope stereo (Olympus, Japonia) SZ 4045;;
  • Environmental Plant Growth Chamber MLR-351H (Sanyo, Japan);
  • Spectrofotometer M301 UV-Vis single beam (CamSpec, UK);
  • Units for electrophoresis (vertical and horizontal for nucleic acids and proteins) and blotting unit (Consort, Belgium);
  • Spectrophotometer for micro volume, UV-Vis and fluorescence (DeNovix, USA);
  • Thermocyclers (MJ Research, USA; Eppendorf, Germania; Corbett Research, Australia, Analytik Jena, Germany);
  • Photosynthesis efficiency analyser through induced chlorophyll fluorescence PEA (Hansatech, United Kingdom);
  • Leaf gas exchange meter Ciras-2 (PP-Systems, USA);
  • Quantum radiometer Quantitherm (Hansatech, United Kingdom);
  • Incubation-shaking cabinet for algal cultures Certomat BS-1 (Sartorius, Germany);
  • Oximeter for aquatic media Oxygraph+ (Hansatech, United Kingdom);
  • Gel documentation system (UV BioProfil, Vilber Lourmat, France; Analytik Jena, Germany);
  • Centrifuges with or without refrigeration (Sigma, Germany; Eppendorf, Germany; MPW 350R, Poland);
  • Incubators (Memmert, Germany);
  • Incubator with shaker (Sartorius BS-1, France);
  • Water bath with shaker (Memmert, Germany);
  • Inverted microscope TE2000S NIKON Eclipse, phase contrast and fluorescence (Nikon, Japan);
  • Autoclave 80L (Selecta, Spania) and 70L, AE-75-DRY (Raypa, Spain);
  • Laminar box (Telstar, Spain; Biohazard 100, South Coreea; Biobase, China; Asal, Italy);
  • Shaker GFL 3017 (Germany);
  • Freezer -80°C (Eppendorf, Germany);
  • GPS Garmin 76Csx, Multiparameter HI 98194.

Plant Genetics and Biotechnologies Group

Biology of Plant Tolerance to Environmental Stress Group