Advanced Hydrobiology

Advanced Hydrobiology and Biomonitoring

Head of laboratory: Assoc. Professor Dr. Habil. Lujza Keresztes

  • Climatic Chamber Premium ICH (835 lit.);
  • Microscopes: Nikon YS100; Nikon Eclipse E400; Nikon TMS; Olympus CX23 with Canon EOS750F camera;
  • Dissecting microscopes: Nikon C-DS; Nikon SZM 2T; Nikon SZM 2B; Optika SZ6745; ZEISS Stemi 2000; Nikon SMZ 800;
  • Analytic scales: Denver Instruments M-120; RADWAG; Microbalance CAHN C-35;
  • Incubator LMS Jencons;
  • Drying ovens: Memmert ULP400, ESAC;
  • Calcination oven: Carbolite CWF 1100;
  • Equipment for sampling and analyses: Kemmerer sampler; Schindler-Patalas zooplankton sampler; Surber bentometer; Ekman and Ponar bottom samplers; sampling nets with different mesh sizes (30 µm – 1 mm); sediment sieves with different mesh sizes (36µm- 5 cm);
  • Portable electrofishing gear: type FEG1500, 970205, 1,5 KW, 150-300/300-600V, EFKO; engine: SACHS Stamo ST76, with anode;
  • In situ measurement gears for physical and chemical parameters: Multiparameter field tester Hanna HI98130 (pH/TC/TDS/oC); Multiparameter field tester Hanna HI98194 (pH/EC/DO); -Oxygen-meter YSI Model  52; GPS- Garmin Geko 301.